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Environmental protection and chemical industry

Release time:2020-03-10


        KK series ultra speed centrifugal oil purification system has simple working principle and remarkable effect. Inside, there is a rotor with double injection nozzle, which only needs the pressure generated by lubricating oil to provide its driving force. After the equipment is opened, the lubricating oil in the oil tank is pressurized and sent to the rotor through the oil pump. When the lubricating oil is full of the rotor, it will spray out along the lower nozzle of the rotary table, resulting in the driving force to make the rotor rotate at high speed; its rotating speed can be as high as 4000-6000 rpm, resulting in the force more than 2000 times of gravity, and the impurities in the lubricating oil will be directly driven out by the principle of centrifugal force. These impurities include hard and sharp wear-resistant metal substances, as well as residual yuan products that will cause parts to wear or oil to deteriorate. Even particles of the size of 1 micron (UM) can be taken out and separated impurities will be attached to the impurities collection cover in the rotor, which only needs to be cleaned in advance. In addition, because the specific gravity of water is larger than that of oil, under the effect of centrifugal force, the water separated from oil will be stored in the water accumulation tray in the rotor, which can only be removed during cleaning. The filtered lubricating oil flows directly back to the oil tank through natural gravity, and the effect is remarkable.